3:14 AM Lyrics And Video Poets Behind Bars

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3:14 AM Lyrics And Video

3:14 AM Lyrics: The team of Poets Behind Bars – Parth Sant and Vijay Bhardwaj concoct a rap melody called 3:14 AM highlighting Devansh Agarwal on Hindi rap. The tune has music delivered by Divyam Jain while verses of the tune are composed by Poets Behind Bars (Vijay Bharadwaj, Parth Sant) and Devansh Agarwal.

3:14 AM Lyrics And Video


SingerPoets Behind Bars, Devansh Agarwal
MusicVijay BharadwajDevansh AgarwalParth Sant
Aryan Kataria
GenreHip-Hop (Rap)
Mix And Master
Parth Sant
Music Label
Poets Behind Bars

“3:14 AM” VIDEO


This might count as a story of my life
Haha! but ain’t
Cause this is story of everybody out here
Bros, all of you, who came here
With dreams, goals, aspirations
Here we go!

They said dreamers are crazy
And all those men are just lazy
They think they are savvy and cool
They are just being pointless and hazy
And all the things that they told me
Were stuck in my head and owned the
Way I had thought, walked
Pretend who am not, lost in vain

Lately I don’t know
If the truth was ever said to me
If all the things that they told me
Were really meant for me?

So am just counting on myself now
Afraid but talking sense now
Coz am A dreamer I dream things
Which set this house on fire hell

Sitting on the top of the world above
You, Doing things that no one but I would do
No pulling strings together or
Faking would ever bring fame
I would at the end of this road so
So dream, dreams are real they hold no fear
And show what your made off
And I know, I might be wrong
But I’ll play along
Coz that’s just the way I am
Coz that’s just the way I am
Aye aye…

Ek baat sun bhai tu dheeme se
Mujhme tha woh josh dil me sapne paale jeet ke
Gaur de tu baat pe
Baate na ye logon Ko hum jaat pe
Pyaar se tu sun, tu dhyaan de, haan!
Main chalta gaya
Dhyaan na diya
Unke saath baith ke gaana kiya
Unke saath baith ke main swaad liya..
Mai khaane ka
Toh seekhe le
Maa hai meri baap bhi chalta apna seena cheer ke
Toh cheer de
Kaam hai tere jo bhi karle poore
Khwab saare tere neend ke
Lead main hoon Russ
Tu jaake phoonk weed le
Phir aake mujhse seekhe le
Tu hai bhidna chahta mujhse
Mujhse kya milega tujhko bhidke
Khudse kaam karke dekh bete
Lete lete kyu kare tu mujhko hate bete?
Aise na badhega Aage tera rate bete
Haan, haan, tez mera flow
Sun ke tu hoye-ga bohot hi zyada slow
Karna hai toh krle aake mujhse face off
Ho jayega ab saara ye toh case solve
Beat meri fire beta tu hai bas ek liar, tyre
Ke jaisa gol gol tera flow, haan yar
Tu jalega fir jaise ek bonfire
Wire, me fasega aur bolega tu kya

[Vijay Bharadwaj]
I did college am doing college again
They said its more more knowledge
Coz it’s never wrong to caution
Wasted time is just precautions
Coz this industry is dirty things
Blame games, shame games money things
A lifetimes worth to build your name
But it takes a moment to lose everything
But it’s time to take a step now
I’d rather a wage a war than lose to fear
I’m possessed now
I don’t care what who says
Coz I don’t want to feel like guinea pigs
Who’re trapped in a cage in a pile of shit
While the world above dictates their life for them
Waste their time feed them bullshit

Sitting on the top of the world above
You, Doing things that no one but I would do
No pulling strings together or
Faking would ever bring fame
I would at the end of this road

Bharosa kho jayega iss bheed mein
Jaise ki sapera bajaane laga umeed
Ki mere jaise ki bheja so gaya gehri neend mein
Aise hi struggle ki kathaa hai sabke geet mein
Sheet mein kaha par hai marks mummy pooche meri
Zindagi mein kaha khaamiya hai kehti soch meri
Thodi pareshaaniya hai, khushi main hu khoj rahi
Andar ki awaaz ye mujhse hai bol rahi
Ghol rahi zindagi mein zeher hai yeh duniya
Gol hai ye zindagi jo milti bas samasya
Yaha sabko pareshaani sabko yaad aati rani
Item nahi maani toh khatam kahaani?

Zindagi ye bohot bada khel hai
Shurwaat yeh, aage jaate hi tu fail hai
Ek baar nahi hazaaro ka yeh game hai
Zindagi se lad, kal vo aake tujhe pele
Zindagi mein shor hai chahiye sabko more hai
Dene ki jab baat aati khisey (pocket) mein hole hai
Pol khulegi kyuki karma ka bhi role hai
Jo kaala dhanda kjya toh muh pe tere bhi charcoal hai

Written by:
Vijay Bharadwaj, Devansh Agarwal, Parth Sant

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